9 Ways to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Undoubtedly, with the passage of time, our smartphones are getting more pressure on their shoulders. With continuous advancement and smartness, they need more energy eventually running out of battery shortly. This also leads to short battery life, poor battery health and so on.

The cameras are getting outstanding than before, screens are getting larger and processors are also getting more powerful to support these advancements. Along with these progressions,mobile price in Pakistan is also increasing at a rapid pace. But what about the development of battery? Well, apparently there are no or slight improvements in the battery so far. Moreover, heavy-duty batteriesand features like fast charging support and reverse charging, etc. are found in a few phones only. Inopportunely, most of them are high-end ones and are not in everyone’s reach. Nonetheless, brands are working on these specifications associated withthe Android phone’s battery life.

It is not just the functionalities that matters but also the trend of slim smartphones is making the batteries more compact in order to reduce the thickness of the phone’s body. Furthermore, there are certain apps under the hood that are sipping the battery power secretly. Apart from that, many more known and unknown reasons that are influencing the battery’s performance.

So, here through this article, we will share with you some very quick and simple tips that you can use anywhere anytime in order to save your Android phone’s battery life.

  1. Battery Saver Mode

This is found in almost all the Android phones with different names like battery saving mode, power-saving mode or low power mode. This mode of power is specially designed to reduce the power consumption unless you either don’t charge your phone completely or you don’t turn off the mode. Enabling this mode will automatically narrow down the consumption of power, reduce display effects and control the background apps.



  1. Darker Display Modes

First of all switch to the darker side of the display. As dark as it may sound, it helps in saving up the battery life to a greater extent. Using darker themes and wallpapers preserve battery by consuming less power. Afterall such themes don’t need more energy to produce nice colors and displays with detailed pixels. The black or dark-colored wallpapers illuminate independently without using any other source of power (that is ultimately power from your phone’s battery). It is therefore also recommended to prohibit the use of live wallpapers. The reason being, the beautiful live scene is draining your battery from the back door.

  1. Manage Data Connection

Mobile data connection has made life easier by bringing unlimited connectivity and networking solutions. But you must have found a drastic fall in your charge while using data. This happens because of the struggle donebythe phone while catching up on signals to provide the user with smooth connectivity. Consequently, leading to pressure on the battery. To overcome this problem, turn off the data when not in use. In addition to that, you can also restrict the apps that use your data network. Like, allow only some important apps that you might need at any moment including WhatsApp, Google maps (etc.). By imposing this gateway, you will save up on battery and not to mention the data MBs also.


  1. Switch to ‘Lite’ Apps

Using Lite apps is another method that does not hurt your battery more. In fact, it extends the battery life of your Android phone. Lite apps are basically the slimmed-down versions of the applications that might lack some features of the actual version. Lite apps are still under the process of improving. We look forward to having a much better version of them. Meanwhile, make the most of what you have in hand at the moment.


  1. Shut Down the Unused Apps

There are many apps that are active even when you exit them.We usually just press the home button and come out of whatever application we were using beforehand.  Such apps that are left unclosed are taking up on your phone’s battery. That’s why keep checking whether you left any application opened in the background. Especially, heavy applications and games.

  1. Follow the Updates

The updates that we see on a timely basis have a reason behind their existence. One of the main reasons is battery optimization. Thus, update your applications at the appropriate time. This brings more efficiency to the power consumption and performance of the applications.

  1. Overnight Charging

It is a common practice observed often that we just leave our phones on charge and fall asleep. This causes great harm to the battery’s health. In a way that overcharging stress out the battery and the excess of power causes issues like weakened performance, overheating and in worst cases leads to the explosion as well. So, don’t push your phone’s battery limits beyond its endurance and avoid leaving the phone on charge for longer hours.


  1. Don’t use Poor Quality Accessories

With the thought of saving up some pennies, people buy things that are low priced. But they don’t realize the fact that most of the things that are of cheap prices might be of cheap quality as well. Hence, it is advised to get a good quality charger and a power bankso that instead of causing harm to your phone’s battery health they work in accordance with their original purpose.

  1. Reboot the Phone

In the end rebooting helps in enhanced battery life and fixes many other problems as well. Most people don’t believe in this fact and take it casually, but by doing this the battery will get a boost, giving it a fresh start everytime you reboot your Android phone. Additionally, this also clears all the cache data that is occupying your phone’s memory for no good reason.

We might have missed out here some more tricks butyou may try something different other than the abovementioned ones. These tips don’t guarantee a greater battery life throughout but definitely work to a good extent.